Biometric Attendance


World class time attendance software designed for real-time, editable and customizable attendance management. Seamlessly integrated with payroll software. Supports multiple Time Attendance & Access Control Devices.

Biometric Attendance - Details

Time attendance software is the most perfect alternative for tracking attendance of employees. No more paper pushing, attendance register punching etc. By integrating with devices it helps you completely automate the attendance process in your company.

Time Attendance is loaded with useful features, each one done to minimize and simplify the HR processes including attendance, leave management, overtime management etc. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis.

Bonus Payments
Customizable Reports
Late-In, Early-Out Reports
Overtime Reports
Sickness Reports
Actual & Planned Work time Reports
Daily/Monthly/Yearly Attendance Reports
Monitoring absence, leaves, overtime, late comers, early goers etc
Modification History for attendance data (Who changed what and when?)
Customizable Payslips
Management Reporting
Manage critical employee information easily
Easy work force scheduling
Monitoring the attendance efficiently
Settings for Customization
Monitoring employee’s performance
Integrate with payroll for easy and faster payroll processing

Reliable Accuracy

without accurate time and attendance data your organization has little insight into its true labor costs. Understanding the health of your business by understanding its income and expense numbers is vital to success.

Increased Productivity

Reducing the time it takes to run payroll while also increasing the data accuracy by automating the transfer of timekeeping information can lead to increases in both productivity and cost savings.

Bottom-Line Savings

For example, if you have an employee constantly claiming overtime, you may decide to have a time management discussion with that person to determine whether he’s using his work week wisely to complete his projects or just temporarily experiencing a surge of additional work warranting the overtime. Perhaps the answer to this question will present an opportunity to reallocate a project across multiple employees and redistribute the workload more efficiently. Either way, your time and attendance system can offer the insight you need to help you make effective business decisions that impact the bottom line.

Integration Amplifies All Benefits

By integrating all parts of your workforce management with automated software technology, you reduce the number of times humans have to interact with the data and avoid the potential risk of human error.

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